Album: Homecoming (2017)

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Song: Echoes of faces

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The From the dust returned are an italian progressive rock/metal band, born in Rome in 2015 from a Alex De Angelis idea, who proposed his project to Marco Del Bufalo (Sumera's singer), Gianluigi Uzzo Costa (ex Reinwen's bassist, band in which Alex was been singer), Dario Palazzolo (keyboardist) and Eddie Parenti (Southern Drinkstruction and Corpsefucking Art's drummer).

Different events brought the band to several line-up changes, before taking the current mark.
First the coming of Miki on bass, joined by second bassist Luigi, Carlo on guitar and Flavio on drums, then the surrending of the idea of playing with two basses simultaneously and, at last, Flavio and Carlo's commitments with their band (Nitro), led the Dust to review their line-up during the recording of their debut EP "Homecoming" (2016).

It was during the making of their first album that the band fixed finally its line-up, with Danilo Petrelli (Graal's keyboardist) and Cristiano Ruggiero (Graal's drummer) additions.
The EP after being recorded, unfortunately, was completely lost due to a mistake of the sound engineer, so the From the dust returned were forced to re-record it in a new studio, led by Danilo Petrelli.

The EP, produced by From the dust returned themselves and published by Sliptrick Records, trying to blend the musical personality of each member of the band, shows the combination of typical elements of heavy metal, hard rock, progressive and psychedelic music through six songs that call back 70'sounds going by dark atmospheres to acoustic melodies. Songs are all composed by Alex De Angelis and were arranged by Alex with Miki Leandro Nini, the band's bassist and Danilo Petrelli, keyboardist and sound engineer.
The album has as its theme several inner problems like schizophrenia, clinophobia, depression, selfishness, fear to love. Each theme becomes the song's main subject. But the real focus of this EP is in the opposite duality represented by the contrast of different elements that are: two opposite kind of voices, Alex different clean voice and Marco's growl, acoustic guitars against distorted ones, constant changes of atmospheres. Duality is in every issue as complementary and opposite elements.
The album title was chosen by Marco Del Bufalo and was inspired by a chapter of the fix-up fantasy novel written by Ray Bradbury titled "From the dust returned". The title refers to the meeting between the band members, who came from different musical backgrounds.